The articles on this website are addressed primarily to fellow physicians, but anyone interested in medicine and health care is welcome to join the conversation.

I am primarily interested in discussing the concepts that undergird modern medical practice.  The subjects that I will broach include: principles and philosophy of medicine, medical economics, medical ethics, medical law, and medical education. Of course, commentary about current health care policy is inevitable, but I will try to always link policy questions to more fundamental notions or presuppositions.

I see three problems as fundamental to the health care crisis in Western societies:  1) a strong tendency to mix or conflate medical care and public health 2) extreme centralization of medical doctrine 3) an inability to define what medicine should (or should not) be about.  At the root of all these errors is an inability or an unwillingness to come to terms with a workable definition of what a human being is.  Absent broad consensus on this, it is little wonder that the healing profession should find itself in such a state of disarray.

I obtained my bachelor’s degree in mathematics from the University of Texas in Austin.  I went to medical school at the University of Texas in Houston and completed medical residency there, including a year as chief medical resident.  My fellowship training in cardiology and interventional cardiology took place at the University of California San Francisco.  Additional details about me can be found on my practice website.  I also run a program of cardiovascular disease prevention and sports cardiology called Athletic Heart of San Francisco.

Here is a list of my most recent peer-reviewed publications and below that is a list of lay press publications:

Here are some publications in the lay press (print and online):

  • “’Physician-Assisted Dying:’ A Deadly Choice for the Medical Profession.” San Francisco Medicine. April 2015
  • “Medical Experts and the Stewardship of the Body,” CANFP News, Salinas, CA, Winter 2015
  •  “Prohibition, Then and Now.” San Francisco Medical Society Blog.  September 29, 2014. http://www.sfms.org/NewsPublication/SFMSBlog/TabId/467/Tag/michel-accad/Default.aspx
  • “Dr. Feelgood: Yesterday and Today” Healthy Living.  Nob Hill Gazette, San Francisco, CA, August 2014
  • “Is the ‘Executive Physical’ Bad for You?”  Healthy Living. Nob Hill Gazette, San Francisco, CA, January 2014
  • “The Cardiovascular Costs of Contraceptive ‘Freedom,’” CANFP News, Salinas, CA, Summer 2013
  • The Mayo Clinic and the Free Market.”  Mises Daily (online) http://mises.org/library/mayo-clinic-and-free-market
  • “Herb Fred’s 4 C’s” foreword to The Best of Herb Fred, MD.  Kingsley Literary Services, Houston, 2010.

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