Need someone to speak to about your plans for a direct care practice?

Friendly and confidential phone consultations

When I decided to jump ship and open a direct care practice a few years ago, there was no one I could ask questions to on the spur of the moment.

Certainly, I received invaluable help by joining AAPS, by attending one of their “Thrive, Not Just Survive” workshops, and by following a few leaders online.  But I still had a million concerns and questions for which answers were not always readily available.

At the time, all the business and marketing consultants who knew something about healthcare mostly knew about the traditional insurance-based way of practicing medicine.  They were also used to having large medical groups as their clients and their fees were set accordingly.

It was also the case that suppliers of medical equipment have very little interest in solo practitioners.  I was opening my practice essentially from scratch and had to discover by myself where to buy my medical furniture and office devices.  I ended up spending a lot of money on getting advice from people who knew nothing about what I was embarking on, I made many mistakes and learned many lessons the hard way.

Today, there are more companies helping out direct care physicians, but these organizations may be most helpful to people who have already committed to a direct care model.

When I started my journey, I had many questions about business and marketing, but I also had concerns about how patients and colleagues would react, and how my practice and professional life would evolve.  These were particularly important topics about which I wish I had another colleague to speak with.

Now that I am gaining some visibility through this website and through my practice websites, I get occasional calls from physicians who are thinking about making the jump or who may be at various stages in the process.  They may have very specific questions, but frequently they also want to have someone to bounce ideas off of, as a “reality check.”

It occurred to me that if I set aside some time and let it be known that I am willing to share my experience, some of my readers may find the service valuable.

As of today, I am happy to allocate time in 30-minute chunks to answer honestly any question or concern you may have in regards to your potential or actual plans to open a direct practice.  The conversation will be strictly confidential.  I will take some notes in case we end up talking again over the months.  The cost will be $200 for a 30-minute call.

I will be very candid about the whole enterprise of direct care and will not sugar coat the challenges,  My goal is not to sell you on the idea of direct care but to help you discern if this is the right thing for you.  And if you are ready to move forward, I may be able to help you avoid unnecessary delays and expenses that could loom ahead.

If you are interested, you can contact me via the contact page and send a few questions ahead of the phone call.  My assistant will get in touch with you to schedule the first conversation (which I suggest we keep to 30 minutes and add more calls in the future as needed).

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